Tuesday, January 17, 2012


1. borysko, as he was called by Raji, was found by her in a bad condition, almost mauled by dogs. She somehow saved him, and kept in her neighbour's balcony. His hind limbs and spinal chord were injured and he was being treated. Raji was sure that he will recover, and she was 7 months pregnant, so I tried helping her get a home. 1 of my friends on orkut, gave me no of Dhwani, who had also lost 1 injured cat to similar injury. Though it was very difficult managing him in the beginning, they got very fond of him, and made him wear diapers (he wud pee n potty everywhere as he cud not walk) and kept him! Thats the kind of dedication I really appreciate in an owner! He passed away after being with them for 4 years

2. Pretty, as I called her, was found roaming in my building. Mom saw her when she was sitting outside with Bittu, and I started feeding her. She was extremely human friendly, and looked like an abandoned pet. Luckily, Maithili was interested in adopting a kitten, and stayed quite close to my house, so Pretty got adopted. She gave birth to a kitten on my birthday in 2007, but it did not survive. This time also, shes given birth to 1 kitten on 7 june 2009

3. On the night of 13 Feb 2007, I heard few kittens crying from neighbouring buildng. I tried to ignore it for sometime, but then I cud not stay at peace, as even at home, I could hear their shouts. I took my watchman anD went to see the kittens (it was 1 am) and got my hands on 1, and got it home. It was crying like mad, and mom started shouting at me. Even after I got it home, I could hear shouts from the building, so went with the 1 at home, and realised that there was 1 more! Next morning I called Manisha and she was ready to foster these 1 month old abandoned cuties. When I went to pick them up, I saw tht there were actually 3 of them, and the moment they saw me went into hiding. After almost 1 hr, I got my hands on all of them and took them to Manisha. 1 was in bad condition and died after 2 weeks. this little guy, called Phantom was adopted by Shruti, with help of Markpetshop.

4. 4 kittens were born to my building cat. Alind wanted to gift them as a present to Nupur, and they came and adopted 2. Called Itsy n Bitsy, they did create a lot of mischief at home, but now are settled well. When Nupur rescued 1 more kitten and kept him home, 1 even went into depression, but is now ok, thanks to loving parents! They now make a happy threesome- Itsy Bitsy n Teeny :) They also have a blog in their name- www.felinefiends.blogspot.com

5. After them, Snehal came with her mom to see the other 2 males. She already had 2 females n 1 male, and wanted to make her pair complete, so she adopted 1 of the males. They called him Cheekah, and he adjusted really well to his family. Cheekah loves to hide n sleep behind Snehal's moms saree, and feels really safe there. All the cats love to sit on the fridge and wait for their food!

6. Gauri had found this kitten near her house, shouting for her mom. She got it home, even though her cat went beserk, she kept this little girl. I uploaded her pic on orkut, and next day, got message from Snehal that she wud like to see this little girl. Snehal had lost her cat- Luna while sterilisation, and this girl was exactly like her! Snehal went to see the kitten, and picked her up! Snehal's Luna came back for her :)

7. Gauri again managed to rescue this little guy. Luckily, Archana was looking for a male kitten, and immediately adopted him. Now called Zoolander, hes a very naughty kitten!

One of my friend's friend's cat had littered 4 kittens. They already had 5 adult cats at home, so keeping 4 more was almost impossible. So we triend getting them adopted.

8. Dalia was looking for a kitten, and she loved this little fellow. She immediately got him home, and her daughter Dania loves him! They call him Jackie Chan, and looking at the pic of him sleeping comfortably on the headboard, I think they have named him absolutely correct!

9. Next in line was the other brother. He went home with Deepashree and is now called Claws. He loves to play and surf the net.

10. The girl was adopted by Manasi couple of months back, and she loves manasi's dad. The moment he comes home, she goes n curls in his lap!

Ginger, sterilsied and a big girl now!

11. One of Kunal's kittens, in her new home with Devashree. Thanks to Gital, this lovely girl got a home!

12. I had got a forward from a friend about a guy who had 4 kittens for adoption. He had kept the female with him since she was a few weeks old, and did not bother to get her sterilised. His wife was suffering from terminal illness, so he wanted to give kittens away. 1 friend was willing to pick up 2 kittens but was going to come after 3 weeks. During that time, Anuja had lost her cat, and was very interested in adopting 1. She went to Venkat's house to see the kittens he had, and loved the 2 kittens she saw (since he cud not manage, Venkat had left the 4 kittens and their mother outside his house, and only 2 managed to come back home. Only god knows what happened to the other 2 poor guys)
Thankfully, Anuja didnt have the heart to pick 1 and leave the other fellow behind, so she got both, and look how beautiful they are now!

13. Saloni called for adopting a kitten on Ganpati Visarjan day. She stayed in Parle east, so I asked her to get in touch with Gauri, since she had this little fellow who needed a home. Surprisingly, Saloni's mom was gauris teacher in school and they knew each other. Saloni's mom loved the kitten and they adopted him the next day itself!

Zucchini with his friend in his new house

14. Rida called me a week back asking for a 1.5 month old male kitten. She had rescued 1 month kitten, and she wanted him to have some company. I had got a sms about some person fostering kittens around 15 oct, and since they didnt have any info on kitten care, I had guided the lady. When Rida called, I didnt have those kittens in mind, but while going thro some old sms, I realised that there kittens were still with the lady who did not know how to care for them! Rida didnt have any problems adopting any kitten (no colour problem), so she went to take a look at the 2surviving kittens. Both were luckily males, and she ended up adopting both! So instead of 1, 2 kittens got a home and also a playmate!

15. Arpana had contacted me for getting a female kitten as a companion for her male kitten. I passed on her contact to a friend who did not call her. So when Sherina sent me a email to get her 4 kittens adopted, I gave her Arpana's no, and this girl got adopted the same day! It didnt take her any time to settle down in her new house, and shes doing very well.

16. Cleo's owners were going out of country, so they had sent her to a shelter. She did not have a good time and had to be returned after 10 days. A lot of email and smses were sent to find her a good home. Michelle agreed to adopt her, and Cleo settled down really well with her, sleeping in her cupboard and on the bed. Cleo passed away on 31 jan 2010 due to severe constipation

17. Aalap called wanted to adopt a pair of kittens since he moved from his house in Gujarat, and was missing his animals back home. He didnt mind the colour of the kittens, so he went same day and picked up Angel (whit and black) and Oreo (pure black) kittens from Sherina. Both of them are settled in their house, and their names are aptly put to describe their nature!

Oreo and Angel with Aalap and Tanvi

18. 2 of the 4 kittens from Nivedita were picked up by Sandeepa and her husband. Both of them have got a bath and play and sleep when no one is at home, otherwise they cuddle up and sleep. Sandeepa wants to come back home for her babies, and when they sleep in her lap, dosent want to move! These guys are called Tigger (for tiger, the ginger one) and Champ (hes the smarter of the 2) check their blog and more pics on Sandeepa's blog- http://mypetstiggernchamp.blogspot.com/

Tigger and Champ, have grown up and turned into handsome young males!

19. Thanks to IDA, who gave me Mrs. Pandey's contact no, rest of the 2 kittens got picked up the same day. Nivedita n her family were going out of town for 3/4 days, n the kittens would be left in compound, and only god knows what wud have happened! These 2 are males and called Sugar and Spice :)

20. Abhijit called to adopt a kitten. He stays with his wife and wanted only 1 kitten. They went to see Malati's kittens, and picked up a handsome dude from her. When they went to the vet, she had a smile on her face and was happy the way the kitten looked. They have now migrated to LA in USA with the cat.

21. After Abhijit, Ira called me thro Archana, who had adopted 1 of Gauri's kittens. She was interested in 1, but understood the reason why she should adopt 2. By mistake I had told her that Malati's kittens are white n brown, but on going there, Ira saw the grey n white kittens and fell in love with them! She picked up 2 and got them home. They are called Presto and Grumpetta and went with her to Delhi when she shifted there for work.

22. Vibha, whos 3 kittens were adopted, called me to tell that she has rescued 1 more kitten from road and her cats were not very happy with the new addition to their house. Since adoption takes sometime, I asked her to be a little patient and wait for 1 week or so till we could manage something for the kitten, but I guess the kitten had his fate writen!
Next day, Bhumika called me. She was looking for a kitten to gift to her friend. Ashvini had lost her earlier cat, and was very unhappy. Her birthday was coming up and after checking with her parents, Bhumika wanted to gift her a kitten. They stayed close to Vibha, so she went to see Vibha's kitten with her dad, picked it up the next day. After dressing up the kitten, it was a perfect birthday gift for Ashvini! Frosty as he is called now, has girls falling over him and loves sleeping in plants, as seen in picture

23. Barsha had called for adopting 1 kitten. Since she was too far, in New Bombay, I asked her to check the links and see if she likes any kitten. Most of them were for adoption in pairs, and that was an issue. Same day evening, Zara called me saying that she got my no thro a friend and she has rescued a kitten and cant keep it at home as she already has 4 older ones at home. Next day, Barsha adopted Zara's kitten. Unluckily, the kitten was not very healthy, and after a few vet visits and sleepless nights, she has recovered well and happily staying in her new family. Mimu has surely got wonderful parents, who took care of her when she was sick! (unlike most others, who wud have abandoned or returned it when it fell sick!).

24. Aarva called one day asking to adopt a kitten. She did have a pet earlier, which had died and she wanted to ADOPT one on valentines day! This kitten was going to be her gift from her boyfriend! Both of them went and saw this little girl with Ambrish and decided to pick her up. The next day, on 14Feb, they took her home. She has put on a lot of weight and seems to be doing just fine! NOW THATS WHAT I CALL A VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT!

25. Ajay had called to adopt a kitten. Since I did not have any young kittens at that time, I passed on his number to Aban who knew someone with 6 kittens for adoption. Ajay and his daughter Mahima, went to see the kittens and picked 1 up. She is called Brandy and is quite a charming lady. Ajay's daughters stay in Bombay and when they are gonig out, Brandy is in Pune, with Ajay and his family! So she gets best of both places!

26. Aalap had picked up 2 kittens, Oreo and Angel from Sherina. 1 of his friends had a friend interested in adopting a pair, so they got in touch with me. Akanksha went with Dhruv to select their pair and since she was going out of town, they wud be picking the kitten after a week. When they went to pick the kittens, the kitten they had selected, had died. Neverthless, they picked up other pair. The kittens were sick and with fleas and little fever also. Now, after a month of caring, they are back to good health and getting good food and treatment by vet.
Sadly, apart from the 3 kittens that I managed to get adopted from that person, the other 3 died.

27. Althea already had a full black cat, Kumael which they had rescued few months back. They wanted him to have company, so we tried getting in touch with Moritz who had an adorable kitten for adoption. He didnt reply for 1 week, n then sent a message that his kitten was adopted. Meanwhile, Priyanka put up a pic of a kitten she had rescued, in my animal adoption group on Facebook. When Althea called to give Moritzs reply, I gave her Priyanka's number, and she picked up the kitten very next day!
As usual, the first 2 days were a little dramatic with Kumael hissing at the new baby, but the new girl was not bothered. She wud jump and play and keep herself busy. Slowly, Kumael has also got attached to her and started playing with her :) After speaking to me, Althea got net put up in her windows, and he loves to go and sleep there. Below is a pic of Kumael and Laila sleeping together. They are almost inseparable now!

28. Aakash had called to adopt 1 kitten. His condition was that if things dont workout at home, he may have to return it back because his dad was never around with cats and didnt know if it wud work or not. He wanted to get a kitten for a week and see how things will work at home. Gauri had Santa n Jerry and even though we didnt want to separate them, there was no other option.
Jerry is now with Aakash and his family, and everyone loves him! Even the gradnparents who were not too happy, keep looking at Jerry and what hes upto etc :)

Jerry, all grown up and settled in his new home

29. Archana, who had adopted monster earlier, lost 1 of her female cats sometime back. She was looking for a kitten to adopt, and she liked black cats. Aditya sent me a email about a black kitten in bad condition which was being fed by someone in his office building. Archana went the next day, and picked the kitten up. Yoda, as he is called now, is getting healthy and playing a lot.

Here, u see Hobbes (ginger), Biggles (white one, adopted from Gauri, and called Monster earlier), Yoda (black baby) and Whitney (youngest one, picked up from road, to give company to yoda)

30. Anjali's brother had called me to adopt a kitten. They had picked up a kitten from a gutter, and nursed it back to health. Now, they were planning to get a company for little Ginger. After I spoke to him, and made him realise the responsibilities, he was in 2 minds. I told him that if hes not able to care, then I can try and get his kitten also adopted.
After 2 days, Anjali called that she was sure she wants a kitten to keep Ginger company. Her words- if we have saved Ginger, then we may as well make sure that we give him a good life, or there is no point in saving his life, may as well let him die on road! (exactly what G also think) so then, G spoke to her about Shushant's kitten. She was also rescued from gutter, and was put up in foster care. Anjali went the next day, and picked the little darling. Now called Angel, the 2 kittens are inseparable!
Ginger is the one on left, Angel on right, we are same same but different :)

Both of them love each other and cant keep away

31. Mom went to post a courier on 18th May 2010, and she was about to take a step, when she saw this tiny little thing sitting in front of the shop. When she asked around, people there were not very happy with the kitten. They kept asking each other to take the kitten and leave it away, but no one wanted to touch it. Mom did not want to tell me this, but she couldnt control herself.
I immediately went to look for the little baby. After asking 3 shops, I finally found the kitten sleeping in a lotto center. It was sleeping behind a couple of buckets, and breathing heavily. The grill of the shop was closed, so I threw some catfood inside so the kitten cud come out, but it did not respond at all! I was worried as the kitten was just lying there, so then I opened a pouch of whiskas. The tiny baby smelled it, and came running. He put 2 paws in the bowl and gobbled half the food.
I was in 2 minds whether to leave the baby there, or get it home. Since it was very weak and had a big belly, it needed care, so I got it home. I kept it in balcony, gave it food and water and place to sleep, but he keept meowing. He was a very friendly guy, and very smart also. He learnt to jump on the cot in 2 days, and also tried to get into the room from the balcony window!
Shruti had called to adopt a kitten. When she was young, she had 5 at home, but now, after she got married, she wanted to have 1 more at home. When she called, I had to speak about Gabbar, as I would have to put him in a shetler. She liked the pics, and came to meet him. I was not at home, and Shruti had to spend 2 hours, playing with Gabbar, and she realised how active he was. He was already toilet trained, so that was a bonus! Anyways, Gabbar spent most of the travel time to Vashi, sleeping. After going home, all ready to play! He has been a naughty boy, troubling Shruti, but he is settling down.

Shruti's husband got a project in USA, so he left. I was in touch with Shruti and gave her all details to take Gabbar with her to USA, still she was not following up. She would keep giving excuses, one after other, so I was almost sure that she is not gonig to keep him. Even then, I was patient and kept telling her that if she wants to give him away, she should let me know, because once he grows up, he may not get a good home (when she showed interst in adopting him, she also wanted a kitten less than 2 months old). She still would not listen to me, and then got a back problem. She asked me to get him adopted in 5 days, as she had to go for some medical check up with her parents. I told her that it would be difficult, still I was willing to get Gabbar put up at a friend's office where she had other cats. Shruti acted like a bitch (I normally, dont use bad words, but this girl dosent deserve any respect). She was not willing to send Gabbar to me, and would not pick my calls. She then told me that there is a grocery shop guy, who is willnig to keep Gabbar. I asked Shruti to give me his contact no, so I can be in touch with him, but she refused saying he dosent have a phone. When things got out of hand, I asked one of my friends, an animal officer to contact Shruti. Finally, I managed to send a friend and get Gabbar picked up from that place. Gabbar was at Shreya's office for almost 2 months, before things got better for him.
Anshula was a dog person and wanted to adopt a pup. But all the pups, were local pups and not suitable for her small apt. Then, she decided to take a look at the kittens as well. When they went to Shreya's office, they saw all the kittens, and finally settled down with Gabbar! (thank god!!!!!!!!!) 16th Oct was Anshula's bday, and thats when she adopted Gabbar. I went to meet him a couple of weeks later, and was happy to see him play and act naughty!

Gabbars videos, playing in his new house can be seen at-



32. Tushna had sent an email for adopting a kitten, and next day, Dhiloni called to adopt 1 kitten. Both were friends, and were looking for a kitten for their friend Anup. Anup had a kitten earlier, who had died, so these girls wanted to give him a kitten on his birthday. They knew that adopting in pairs, would be good for the kittens, so they didnt mind a pair.
Akshata had told me about 4 kittens in her building who needed homes, as the person who had them, was planning to leave them on road. Dhiloni got in touch with Akshata, and took 2 kittens for Anup. They are doing quite well in their new house

33. Ruchita and Randhir had called for adopting a kitten. Randhir already has dogs back home in Pune, and wanted to adopt a kitten here. Since he wanted only 1kitten, Akshata passed on the number to a friend who had rescued a kitten. Now called Patches, shes settled well in her new house, and is having fun

34. Cara Tejpal, who works for NGO Friendicose in Delhi, called to adopt a pair of kittens. Her sister Tiya was in Mumbai and wanted to keep a pair.
Vivek had a black male kitten, who he had rscued when it was around 2/3 weeks old. It was adopted earlier, but returned since it cried at night. Manasi also had sent message about full black kitten that was there in her dads office compound. Cara didnt have a problem adopting 2 black kittens, and from different people.
Next day, both the kittens were picked up, and now, they have settled down well with Tiya, their owner.

35. Shalini had called to adopt a male kitten. She had a cat for 19 years, and it died a few years back. They were in 2 minds whether to get 1 more baby home, as her mom did not want to go thro the pain of separation again. Since I didnt have any kitten at that time, I messaged Ruchi Nadkarni, and she gave me contact of Kirsten who had rescued a kitten sometime back. It was a small ginger baby, around 1 month old. Shalini went the next day and picked up the baby. Now called Guntu, meaning cat in their native language, he has won hearts of everyone at home. Even though hes small, he goes to pee and potty on the toilet, and has amazed everyone!

When Shalini took guntu to the vet, she suggested to keep him only on milk and nothing else. Since it was a vets suggestion, Shalini, kept Guntu only on milk and he was not growing up. 1 day, when I called her, she was in tears as Guntu was very sick. I gave contact no of another vet, who opened his clinic at night, and gave medication to Guntu. This vet suggested dryfood, so Shalini finally started Guntu on proper food. After giving him the dryfood, he put on weight and got good fur. This is recent picture of Guntu

36. Ashwami had contacted to adopt a kitten last year, but due to some problems it didnt workout. I got email about a kitten, around 4 months old, who was rescued by Yamini and needed home desperately. I was a little worried as the kitten was already 4 months old, and chances of getting older kittens adopted were less. But, Ashwami did not have any issues with age or colour or gender. She went to see the baby, and adopted her the next weekend. The baby is settling down well with the new owners and their 2 labs :)

She is now called Lucky and has 1 more kitten as playmate.

37. Since I didnt have kittens, I had asked a couple of friends if they had kittens for adoption, and Vishruti had passed me contact no of Connie who had 5 kittens for adoption.
Connie is an old lady, staying in a small house in Kanjurmarg, and she had rescued these kittens. Her neighbours were not happy, and were troubling her and the animals. She has kept these kittens in a cage outside her house. Since she was being troubled, it was necessary that the kittens get adopted first.
Kavita had called me to adopt kittens, and she went all the way from Bhyander to Kanjurmarg to pick the kittens.
The kittens had some eye infection, as they were kept locked whole day (check before pic). After Kavita got them home, she cleaned them up, and made them comfortable.
She had to go thro a lot of trouble, as these kittens were not used to toilet training. They used to do it on a piece of cloth in their cage, so at home, they would mess up all bed sheets and cloth that they found. Kavita had to clean the house after coming home late at night, but still she loved the babies!
A couple of days later, 1 of them fell sick and she got them treated by the vet. They are now fine (touch wood) and very very naughty, not allowing her to sleep at night!

38. Another 1 of Connie's kittens, adopted by Reshma and Bhatnagar family. When Reshma got him home, she was skeptical whether she would be able to manage with him. I would get calls at 11/12 at night, asking what to do and how to go about things etc. after initial hiccups, Clawdius has been adopted in the Bhatnagar family.
Infact, when Reshma was in 2 minds, her dad was the one who told her that having a pet is like adopting a kid. Do it only if u can take the responsibility and if u have taken the responsibility, then dont return. I wish all parents were like this, and taught good values to their kids!!

39. Randhir had adopted a kitten few months back, and his friend Jai along with his roommate were also looking for kittens. Jai and Mayur both wanted 1 kitten each, and they picked 2 from Shreya.
Now called Saraswati and Mirchandani (Smudge), they settled down well the same day, and seem to be having fun!!!

40. Sudhir had called to adopt kittens, and he liked the kitten rescued by Vivek. They went and picked up the baby next day itself!!! The kitten has adjusted well to the new house, and explored it for first 2 days, but adjusted very well

41. Vignesh had called to adopt a pair of kittens. He stays with his room mate, and they are first time parents, but they were excited to get the kittens home. 1 of the kittens was meowing after reaching home, but has settled down well.

42. Wajid had contacted me to adopt a female kitten for his male cat, Photo. Shreya had a lot of kittens, so I passed her the contact and asked her to go ahead. Masti was almost same age as Photo, but really tiny in size, and they were looking for a greyish kitten (they had seen Bittu n Xena's pics), so Shreya sent Idli/ Bijlis pictures. (Idli and Bijli were dropped off at Shreya's office by NGO World For All as they could not get homes for them. Since they were not too friendly with humans or other animals, were having difficulty being adopted, though they are gorgeous. We tried to get them adopted together, but it was just not working out, and finally, since Bijli was getting home with a tom cat, we decided to give her away. Idli is still with Shreya and her other cats, though she misses Gabbar and Bijli both)
Wajid went and picked up Bijli and got her home. The first time, she was uncomfortable. He showed me pics of how she was hiding in bedroom and then slowly started coming around. When she came out, Photo was sitting at a 10 feet distance, watching her. Slowly, she started sniffing around, checking out Photo's place. Now that is something a tom cat will never agree to, someone taking over his house! He also started going closer to her and after a few hisses and snarls, everything was sorted out.
When Megha came home from her trip, she had a pleasant surprise, waiting for her! Her Photo had a girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After 3/4 days, Shreya and me had got a message from Wajid (which I have still stored)- Bijli has a boyfriend, and that was really really reassuring for us, that she is settling down with her family.
When I went to meet them, photo was very friendly and came and played with me easily, but Bijli was a little scared. When I played Simba's (my building stray cat) video, Photo ran and hid under bed, but Bijli came out and started meowing back her response!
Wajid told me that Photo is actually Photo Singh and Bijli is renamed Judy, Judy Daniels. The first time I heard it, I was a bit surprised and felt weird to have such names, but when Wajid explained the story behind naming the cats, I was touched. Wajid Ahmed (Muslim) married to Megha Jindal (Hindu) have 2 kids- Photo Singh (Sikh) and Judy Daniels (Christian), all staying in harmony/peace, now thats what I call a complete family! His words really really touched me, and I will never ever forget them, now I only wish that rest of us understand this and try to implement even a bit of it, we will never have any riots and killing anywhere in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo fell from their window and passed away on 25th Feb 2011.

43. Sandip had called me in September to adopt a kitten/ pair of kittens. I gave him Shreya's contact, but he had to go out of town, so he did not get in touch with her. He seemed like a genuine person, so I followed up on the day he was supposed to come back. He replied that he was out of country and will get back when he is in town and settled.I thought that like most of the others, who call, he is making an excuse and probably has a reason he dosent want to adopt a kitten. I was proved wrong this time around!!!! He got in touch with me just before Diwali and wanted to adopt a kitten. I asked him to check my blog and he liked black and white kitty rescued by Sujay. He went to see the kitty and picked it up. Since Sandip had some knowledge about cats, I was not too worried, but still kept calling as it was Diwali, and I knew that the kitty is going to freak out, as it was the first time this little guy was going to hear such noise. Sandip told me that his little guy was awesome, and that Izzy (thats his name) is not scared of crackers, and would sit in his window with Sandip and look at crackers bursting below! Sandip also got mesh installed in his window, so Izzy can spend good time looking at birds flying outside

44. Vahisthta had called to adopt kittens. He wanted to adopt a pair, so when hes not at home, they can play with each other. Michelle had 2 kittens, who were being fostered with her friends, as the family who had them, was planning to leave them at a fish market. Vahisthta saw the pics and liked them and picked them up in next couple of days. now, Sheila and Pebbles are playing, eating and sleeping and doing quite well in their new home.


1 more video

45. Gauri's brother had called to adopt a pair of kittens. After speaking to him a couple of times, he said he will call back, and I was forwarded their number by a couple of other friends working for adoption, so thought that mayb they are not happy with the kittens I have, so let it be. Finally, Gauri showed interest in adopting 2 kittens with different people. 1 was ginger tabby, rescued by Anjali (who had earlier adopted Angel from me). After 2 weeks when I had no update, I was feeling that the adoption may not happen (I had got calls from 3 people that week for adoption, and only Vahisthta had picked up his kittens). But around last week of December, I came to know that Simba had been adopted and has settled down quite well in his new family. Well guys, this is my 100th adoption, and extremely special to me! Another reason for it being special is that Simba, is totally like my Bittu :) and I am really happy to see him well settled in his house and his family!

Simba, before and after adoption
Update from Gauri- Simba was taken to the vet for checkup and there, he was playing with a GSD. Though the dog was 10 times Simba"s size< Simba scratched the dog from nose to ear and hung to the tail. The poor dog was looking at the owner to save him from this terror and everyone had a good laugh. 46. Shomik had contacted me to adopt a kitten for his dad. They needed one soon, and I took a little bit of time, so they already picked up a kitten. This kitten was too tiny and couldnt make it. Shomik had returned back to the USA and called from there :) They wanted another kitten for their dad, who stayed alone and needed some company. So after around a week or 10 days, they adopted 1 of Chayya's kittens, Neyo. Now, he gets to sleep in bed and eats chicken and catfood everyday. Uncle and Neyo are both learning to live in each others company, and its a beautiful bond they share!

47. Deep had wanted to adopt a pair of kittens and he was very interested in 2 ginger kittens with Chintan in Borivali. Deep went and checked the kittens and wanted to adopt them, but he had to go out for work, so the kittens were given away to someone else. Deep then went to Chhaya, whos 1 kitten was adopted by Shomik. He picked up a male and female pair and got them home. The female, Cleo was cool and adapted to the new house easily, but the male, would not come out and would keep hiding below the bed. After 3-4 days, Deep had to go and return the kitten as he would not eat also. The next day, he went back and adopted the other female from Chhaya. Now, both the sisters are doing fine in their new house and have adjusted well.

48. Attrayee had called to adopt a kitten. She had shifted from Pune and her friend who was keeping her cat, got too attached and did not want to part with her. So Attrayee was looking for another kitten for adoption. Rupa had rescued a ginger who was in a foster home, but was going to be thrown out and needed a home urgently. Rupa got in touch with Attrayee and dropped the kitten to her house. The kitten, is now enjoying in her new house and having fun!

49. Sanjay wanted to adopt a kitten and he had contacted me long time back. I had given him Nancy's contact and then had lost contact with both. Finally, in Feb, Sanjay called asking for some information on the kitten, and thats when i realsied that he had picked up Juno from Nancy! Juno is a naughty little girl, full of life! After Juno got settled, Sanjay did not mind adopting 1 more kitten. Meanwhile, Gauri, who had adopted Simba, had rescued 1 kitten from road and got it home. She had kept him at home, which did not go down well with Simba. After a lot of emails, Sanjay went to see Scotch and decided to adopt him. When Scotch came home, Juno was not too happy, but now, they have bonded well and get along like house on fire! This is why I always ask people to adopt a pair of kittens and not single one.


50. I had gone to kitchen to drink water after watching movie and heard some weird cat noises. At first I thought that its a male and female cat fighting, but the sound continued, so I could not resist going out and checking 9thankfully so!)
When I went out, I saw Julie near some grass and there was a tiny little kitty lying there. Julie was probably flinging it from her mouth when she dropped the kitty on hearing me approach. The little one was hissing away, trying to protect its life fiercely. I finally managed to touch the forehead and it was a little quiet. Since I had rushed out, I did not have anything with me, and the kitten was too aggressive to allow me to pick it up just like that. I went home to get a basket, and pulled Julie along, so she dosent trouble the kitty anymore.
When I went back, the kitten was not in the place. It had dragged itself near a car and went and hid below the bonnet. I had to go back home to get a stick and push this fellow so I could get it out. After struggling for almost 15 mins (this is at 1.30am) I managed to get it out and put in basket.
After I got it home, I locked it in bathroom to check and saw that there is a puncture mark near one of the hind legs. It had stopped bleeding, but the kitty cant walk properly on hind legs, and is dragging them. The good part is that it has sensation in the hind legs and got angry when I touched it. When I took the kitty out, it would not let me touch it again and went and hid below the WC and started hissing again. I finally managed to remove it again with help of stick.
After cleaning the area with tincture iodine, I tried to give it some food, which it did not eat. Finally, I put a few layers of clothes, made it comfortable in the basket and patted the head, when it started purring :)
I had gone to kitchen to drink water after watching movie and heard some weird cat noises. At first I thought that its a male and female cat fighting, but the sound continued, so I could not resist going out and checking 9thankfully so!)
When I went out, I saw Julie near some grass and there was a tiny little kitty lying there. Julie was probably flinging it from her mouth when she dropped the kitty on hearing me approach. The little one was hissing away, trying to protect its life fiercely. I finally managed to touch the forehead and it was a little quiet. Since I had rushed out, I did not have anything with me, and the kitten was too aggressive to allow me to pick it up just like that. I went home to get a basket, and pulled Julie along, so she dosent trouble the kitty anymore.
When I went back, the kitten was not in the place. It had dragged itself near a car and went and hid below the bonnet. I had to go back home to get a stick and push this fellow so I could get it out. After struggling for almost 15 mins (this is at 1.30am) I managed to get it out and put in basket.
After I got it home, I locked it in bathroom to check and saw that there is a puncture mark near one of the hind legs. It had stopped bleeding, but the kitty cant walk properly on hind legs, and is dragging them. The good part is that it has sensation in the hind legs and got angry when I touched it. When I took the kitty out, it would not let me touch it again and went and hid below the WC and started hissing again. I finally managed to remove it again with help of stick.
After cleaning the area with tincture iodine, I tried to give it some food, which it did not eat. Finally, I put a few layers of clothes, made it comfortable in the basket and patted the head, when it started purring :)
Chikki, as I call her, dosent seem to have any injury apart from the bite mark. The vet says that she will get better in around a weeks time and will not have any problems walking.

Chikki came to another friends place today, and here she is observing herself in a mirror. She can walk properly, but she cant run like a normal kitten, so it will be difficult to leave her back in my building.
Chikki got adopted by Lenny when I was not in town. Thanks to Pooja and Saloni for taking such good care of Chikki. Now, she is staying with Lenny and her mom and lab, and lives a good life.

51. Megha had adopted Bijli and one of her friends Heta had 4 kittens for adoption. Kartik wanted to adopt a pair and he seemed genuine enough, so I passed his number to Heta and he adopted a pair.

52. I had stopped working in the office, so I would visit the kitty and doggies every 2 -3 weeks and left food with my office boy. He would go out and feed her whenever she came to the office.
This year, she gave birth to 4 kittens, out of which 2 died, I dont know how. Lucky and Leo managed to survive.
When the kittens were born, a family on third floor in the building, kept cardboard boxes on the mid landing and kept the kittens there. The mother was used to going up and nursing the kittens, and when hungry, she would come and meow right outside my office, and I would feed her. When I was not in office, the office boy was instructed to give food to her, which I would leave for her.
One day, I was told by the watchman that something had happend to the kittens and the family on third floor had to take the kittens to a vet. I did not know this family, but still I went to their house know what happend. When I came to know what happend with the kittens, I was angry, aghast and upset.
The kids from neighbouring building had come and to have some fun, they had picked up the 20 day old kittens with the mother and thrown them in the lift shaft from third floor!!!!!!!!! The kids ran away, but one of the kittens was seriously injured and bleeding a lot. When I went to check on the kitten, it was not bleeding, but the condition was such that I thought it will not survive the night. The family, kept the kittens and mother at their house and cared for them day and night, spending a lot of money on the vet visits and medication and food for the kittens and the cat. They have a lab at home, but thankfully they all stayed without fighting.
We tried getting in touch with SPCA to file a complaint against the kids, but since we dont have an eye witness, things are going slow.
Anyways, the main concern here is that the family is already out of town, the kittens need an alternative. Mother cat is used to staying in the building, so will manage, but these kittens cant be left on road as there are a lot of dogs, and they are too young to fend for themselves. The family also cant adopt these 2 as they have a dog and keeping so many animals is not possible, specially since this flat is rented.
Currently, Saloni is keeping them in her studio, and I am taking them everyday to office to be with their mother. Everyday the kittens are picked up and got to the mother and at night, I take them back to the studio, where they stay alone.

Lucky and Leo, as I call them, are very adorable, around 2 months old. Sad part is that Lucky has lost his eyesight due to the fall. He manages to move around the house, and come to the food with the smell, but he cant see anything. In the picture also, you will see that the kitten on left side has face which is flat, as if someone punched it in face, and that is the result of the fall. Both the kittens (even Lucky) are very very affectionate and loving and love to play. Even though Lucky cant see properly, he will hear the sounds and follow and play alone. He loves to follow Leo and they are both adorable together!
Thanks to Quieen Banerjee, one of her friends Gayathri Reddy adopted the siblings and they are safe and happy in her house.

53. I had gone to meet Sweety and her kittens, when my office colleague Divya Malu called me saying that there is a kitten at the entrance of our compound, sitting in the middle of the road. I went to check on the kitty with Muskan and saw this tiny little guy sitting near the watchman. The shop guy nearby, had no idea about the kitten nor was there a mom around (this is on a busy stretch at Irla). I decided that I would take the kitten home (I would have faced firing from mom) and picked it up. It meowed loud, but soon was comfortable on my shoulders. He saw the dogs around and started hissing and climbed on top, but was ok. I took him to the family's house and fed him a bit of wetfood which I had got for Sweety. Since the family already had a Lab and a mother cat with 5 kittens, it would be impossible for them to keep him. Thankfully, that time Shaurat Lalwani came like an angel and took the kitten in. He settled down in her office and was comfortable after the clean up session. The little one, loves human company and dosent fight or scratch. He also purrs a lot and loves to sleep in lap. He passed loose potty, with slight blood, so we gave deworming medicine also. Since he was not interested in having the medicine and was cheating on us by throwing it out, I named him Cheeto.
He was adopted by Rahul Salvi and stays with his grandmother and sister. He has grown up a lot since the adoption.

54. Joseph had called to adopt a pup. Somehow the adoption did not workout. Then he called back after a month or so saying that he dosent mind adopting a pair of kittens. His mom was not too comfortable with dogs, but she liked cats. So he came to my office building and picked 2 of Sweety's kittens. Now called Zia and Zimba, they have grown into magnificient babies!

Pratik and his sister wanted to adopt a pair of kittens as a pup would need too much of care. They came and picked 2 kittens from my office building. After reaching home, they faced problems from their mother who was against feeding non-veg food to the kittens. Pratik was ready to foster them till we found a new home for them. Prayag took the kittens home as he wanted company for his younger sister. Then he called to say that his sister stays in Pune, so he would be sending the kittens to Pune. I was not very happy with that, so asked him to return the kittens to Pratik. Finally, when someone showed interest recently, Pratik had a word with his family members and they finally decided to keep both the kittens!

56. Deepika had called as she wanted to adopt a kitten. She already had rescued kitten at home who was around 4 months old, so she wanted him to have a companion. After checking the blog, she fell in love with Chatur. After a few phone calls, she and her friend Tanay came to see Chatur at Shreya's place where they were being fostered. Deepika loved playing with Snowflake (another of my rescues) while Chatur settled happily in Tanays hands and was purring and peaceful. They took him home to play with their Nonu singh and renamed Chatur as Tintin. Both the cats have grown up well and keep each other company. The best part was when they vaccinated their Nonu and trimmed his nails as well before adopting Chatur. They also gave a donation of Rs1000 while adopting, so I could keep looking after more kittens.

57. I had found Snowflake in the fish market when I went to feed the kittens. This guy seemed blind as he was running behind every footsetp. He also followed footsteps on the road!!!!!! I panicked and took him to my friend Shreya's terrace, so he dosent come under cars. She fostered him for a couple of months. Finally, Anjo called. He wanted a kitten for his gf, but her family memebers were not willing to take the responsibility of a pet. Anjo works from home, so he did not mind keeping a kitten at home. He went to Shreya's terrace and adopted Snowflake. We later came to know that his gf had seen Snowflake's picture and had fallen in love with him. She had kept his image as her wallpaper for almost a month, till Anjo adopted him!!!
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  1. Hey Charu !!! I am so happy that this is your 100 adoption....You are so dedicated....god bless you for the joy u and Anjali have given my family in the form of Simba....And he does look exactly like the younger Bittu......hehehehe

  2. hey charu.......hats off to your love for these animals.....i really felt what you wrote....i have a cat by the same name bittu who is now about 1 yr 3months....she had three kittens(born 28th dec) before we spayed her....one of my friends took one of them ....the other two male kittens were also taken, but the owner had to shift to another city....can you please guide me to get them adopted...because i just don't want to leave them at the fish market or separate them two....please help me.....my email id is m.r.g.h.a.l.d@gmail.com