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1.Chinky at my doorstep, small cuddly little pup

Chinky, all grown up, at 2 years, with her loving Zaiwala family! To read about Chinky's story, please check-

2.Rani's 3rd litter, Julie's brother, in his home with the Hattengedi family.
When Rani gave birth to 5 pups, they were kept outside someones house in my building. Thankfully, they used to feed her, so the pups were also safe. The family went out of town for 1 week and when they came back, 2 of the pups had maggots near anus. After checking with a vet, I put chloroform on the wound to get the maggots out (big mistake as it burned like hell). Then karuna came to treat them, and they died same night. 3 remaining pups, were shifted to the sand shop which this guy owned. Ruchi and her dad n cousin came to see the pups. They liked the black one and wanted to adopt. I was a little skeptical as the pup was only 30/35 days old, and I didnt want to separate from mother. Still after checking with vet and the family, I realised that anything can happen if pup is left on road, so gave the pup to them. 1 week after the adoption, a speeding car ran over the other 2 pups. 1 fell in gutter and died, and other 1 fractured her leg (shes still with me in my building now and named Julie). If Cocoa was not adopted that day, he probably wud have died!
Now more about Cocoa. Since he was adopted at a very young age, the vet suggested them not to take him out for walk till he was 3 months old. Another mistake. The owners didnt take him out till he was 4 months old, and then he was too scared to go out and mingle with others. He is not very friendly and has bit few people who come home, but they have not given up on him. Even when I went to meet cocoa, he snapped at me and tried to grab my foot, luckily the bite was not too bad. But, the family loves him a lot and is going to keep him forever!

3.Small puppies in my office building

Lovely girl Prerna, came and took 2 from the litter of 6 puppies. They are called Rick and Spike. Sawant family threw a welcome party for the pups, where they were introduced to the rest of the family members!

Rick using the gym :)

Spike resting on the sofa

4.A sickly little pup, was found lying in a litter in a dry gutter

Now called Coco, she got a loving home with the Singh family. Look how beautiful she is!!!!!!!!Read her story at-

Cleo's litter of 7 pups, 1 fell from balcony and died

5.The Subramanian family adopted 1 pup, and decided to call her Notty, as u guessed, since she was a very naughty pup!

A very happy family indeed!!!!!Notty passed away after illness in 2009

Since the owner was not ready to keep Mawx n Cleo, they had to b sent to a farm. 3 other pups were put up at a kennel, while I tried to find them homes.

6.Greg, a British national in Mumbai, loved Kali when he saw her. He picked her up after 2 weeks.

Kali with Greg in their Malabar hill residence

7.Creme was adopted after a few weeks, by the Chaudhri family. Pepper was left alone, the the friend who had come decided to take her the next day!

Creme and Pepper are neighbours, and meet often to play and gossip :)

8.Brownie, as I called her, got a home with the Nadkarni's and is now called Goldie Nadkarni

9.Angel was adopted from my office building by Shilpa and her family. Thanks to Meghna who got Shilpa to adopt Angel

Lucy's pups, born at a construction site, on 5 Feb 2009.

10. One of Lucy's pups, got adopted by Shraddha, and is now called Nikki and is a loving family member!!!

Nikki, all grown up, into a loving caring dog!

11. Another of Lucy's pups, got adopted by Roshan, and he feels hes very lucky for him!!! They call him Messi after the football player, and hes is an extremely friendly little guy.

Recent picture of Messi in his house

12. One more of Lucy's pups, got adopted by Mithil and family. Now called Rex, the pup has a loving brother n a sister to play with :)

Rex (meaning lion) when hes 6 months old, words from his owner Mithil-Briefly put: Rex has grown, and looks like a lion (that's REX in roman, right??!!). And the best - potty trained, makes sure no one enters the house, very obedient.

13. Tikki was adopted by Malathy aunty when her grand daughter was coming to town, and now she is a part of a happy famly! :)

Madhu's doggy littered 6 pups around may 2009. 3 males and 3 females in the litter

15. One of Madhu's pups adopted by Sushrut. He got in touch with me and Rajashree and after a lot of research and thought process, finally adopted 1 of Madhu's FEMALE pups. Called coco, here she is seen resting with Sushrut and his friends :)

16. Karthik had come to pick up one of Lucy's pups, and he liked Honey. The builder was not ready to give her away, so he adopted one of Aarti's pups instead. Ginger is now called Spark, as karthik says, he has added a Spark to their lives! He died in 2009 after falling from chair.

17. Charutai came with her brother and immediately liked Chintu. They wanted 2 dogs for their famr at Dapoli, and they found 1 pup arnd 2 months old. They picked Chintu the next week, and took her to Dapoli on 1 AUG 2009. Though it was first time in car, she was quite happy, and when they stopped the car for the smaller pup, who vomitted, Chintu ran away, finished her pee n potty and came back to the car! Thats how smart indian dogs are :) shes now called Princess J as she has nakhras like a princess and is jealous when the other pup gets attention. Both are happy at the farm, and thats all I want!

Recent pic of chintu, now Princess J with Chhotu. Chhotu was ADOPTED 1 day by some villager, and after 2 frantic days, he was found. Chintu, didnt eat those 2 days without her companion and once he was back, she never left him alone!
Chintu and Chhotu were both mauled by a leopard early 2010

19.Thanks to Vishruti, who gave me contact no of a guy called Francis who was interested in adopting a pup. Shobhana had 7 of them so I got him in touch with her, and lo! within 3 days, he adopted 1 fellow and they now call him Shimmer, since he has a shiny black coat!

20. Remember my little girl Romeo? She also got into a very loving family last week, all thanks to Rohini. I was trying to get a friends kitten adopted and realised that Rohini was also helping the same friend to get the kitten adopted. I happened to mention about Romeo, and she asked me to send an email, which I did immediately. She told me that Romeo was really cute and active. She sent me Atul's contact. She knows him as he comes to play with the dogs there and he also rescues snakes and endangered birds and leaves them in forest. Atul saw Romeos pics and came to see her next day. He liked her so much, that he took her same day! As usual, family problems and talks about returning her happened that night, since he had not informed about adoption. But next day, things cooled down, and his family also started liking her. When he took Romeo out to play with other dogs, she did hesitate and bark a bit, but after 15 mins, it was as if she knew these guys since ages! She played a lot with Cherry a Beagle and one of therapy dogs. Next day, Gary, a handsome GSD turned up to play. He has a habit of rubbing into small dogs and gives hard time to Cherry, who cowers n sits. He tried doing same to Romeo and lo! she barked back, n he jumped! Everyone including Gary's owner had a good laugh at this little dynamite barking at a huge GSD :) Next day was the turn to meet Apple a Dalmation. Since Cherry and Romeo were playing, Apple watched from a distance and then she also joined in. Apple was supposed to be the swiftest one in the building, and Romeo out ran her! Romeo spends half hour tiring Cherry n next half hour with Apple and when both of them are sitting and panting, she is jumping on each of them asking them to play! She is just non stop! She gets to play with Angel a Golden Retriver, cherry a Beagle, Apple a Dalmation and Gary- GSD every day from 5pm to 7 pm. Thats when all the dogs come together to play.
ROMEO IS NOW CALLED SPARK, and has grown 2 inches in past week only!

Spark in her loving family

namitas pups with her. sadly, 1 of them died due to gastro.

21. I had got Wendy's contact long time back when she was interested in adopting a male pup. That time she had already got 1, and she wanted to wait for sometime till she adopted the second one. After about 3 months, I got a call from a friend Ritu that Wendy was looking for a male pup to give company to her earlier kid. I gave a few people her no, and the other pups were too small. Finally, Namita took one of her pups, who was same age as Wendy's pup to her house. Both the dogs though strangers, bonded instantly and he was adopted! We had given up hopes of getting these guys adopted, as they were almost full grown, but as luck wud have it, this fellow still got a loving home! The other pup, Namita has decided to keep with her and will get him sterilised.

22. Kat had sent me a email to get little boy adopted. I forwarded it to my friends, and 1 of them Benaifer, forwarded it to her friends. Kavita knew someone who wud adopt and give a good home to puppy, and now, hes called Justin.
Email from Kat after meeting Justin at his house- Charu, you should see Justin's new home and family! He is one lucky little guy. SB told me last week he was thinking of naming him Justin and I said that's a good name since you were Just In time to save him from a life on the streets. And that's when SB decided that was his name! He and his mom are wonderfully warm and loving ppl and I know Justin has a forever home. I even told SB the nite we went that if he decided not to keep little boy he would come back to me, and he said What? This pup is with us forever!!

justin with his new family!

22. Jewel Thakur in her new home. Thanks to Priya, she got a home.

23. Pradeep had seen a pic of pups with Malika and wanted to adopt 1. When he got in touch with me, he told me that he had done his homework, meaning, he had watched 200 hours of Cesar Millan videos on traning dogs and living with dogs (wow! i must say, never met such a crazy man :)) Anyways, while speaking to him, he kept saying that he was really keen to adopt a brindle pup, as he was very fond of them (first one i met who did not mind a brindle stray!) There were 8 pups born to 1 of the strays I feed (she dosent allow anyone to go near, so could not be sterilised) they were on road, and I did try a lot for their adoption, but nothing worked, meanwhile, they got kicked out of the construction site where they were born, and were found roaming on road. Thankfully 1 watchamn from nearby building, took care. I wud go there every week and pay money to the guy so he wud keep the pups healthy (atleast not hurt them!) Month back when I went, I did not see any of the pups, so assumed that all were dead. Meanwhile, Pradeep was dog proofing his house, getting new shoe stand etc so that the pup can roam around freely in the house. 1 day, while passing by the area, i saw the brindle pup!!!!!!!! I sent an email to Pradeep and showed him pics of the pups when they were young.
After a few days, Pradeep wanted to take a look at the pups and wanted to come over. I was busy and could not make it that day, so gave him the location. Pradeep went and saw the pup, and called me. This was exactly what he was looking for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He fell in love with the little guy and decided to pick him up. Next day, Pradeep came with a leash and took him home.
The pup was so scared, he did not move for the whole day and did not eat anything. After frantic calls to each other, Pradeep wanted to give a chance to him. Next day, good news followed! The pup had eaten food finally, and was a little better! He was still scared, but moved around the house and ate food (I guess giving chicken made the diff). They named him Zulu. According to Pradeep, Zulu came potty trained. Apart from the first day, when he peed where he was sitting, Zulu has not spolied his house and always scratches the door when he wants to do his business. He never even looks at food when they are eating, even if they are sitting on floor!
all in all, everyone seems to be happy!

24. Tulika sent me a email about 1 of her friends who wanted to adopt a pair of pups for her factory in Silvassa. There were lots to select from and she did not have any qualms about adopting any colour/ gender. Abhinav had problems managing the pups at his building, so I asked Nivedita to adopt them. When she went to pick the triplet, someone from the building suggested to keep 1 of the pups as they also fed it. So Nivedita took the other 2 pups to her factory, and they are doing quite well there. They have a 3/4 acre space to roam around and enjoy! Some of the workers there, already have pets, so they dont mind managing 2 more!

25. Sheffer had sent an email to adopt a pup. I was wondering if he would be a good home, as he is a young kid. Tejaswinin posted pic of 1 of the pups she had for adoption on my facebook profile, and Sheffer got in touch with her. After speaking to his mom, Tejaswinin decided to give the pup to him. Now, Choco is called Choco Fernandes and gets to play and remain naughty all day!

26. Sourabh forwarded me Meghna's email for getting 3 pups adopted. I had got 2 people willing to keep 1 pup, but they were not very good. The pups were being troubled by building people, so they were in danger, and any accomodation was better than nothing! I sent meghna those peoples contact and she called them next day. Same day, Laxmi called asking to adopt 2 pups. 1 will be kept with her and other with her mom, who stays alone. She had a 12 year old Doberman, who passed away a few months back. She went the same day, and picked the 2 males, who are now called Whiskey (biege) and Muttley (black). The younger black pup, was already picked up by them from road sometime back, and is called Ole.

27.Guess most of you will remember the pups with ticks in their ears. I tried to get them medicated and save them, but it was not to be. 1 died the next day, and other 3 were showing signs of recovery. They were getting better and playing around, when 1 got crushed under a bike. 2 were left, and when I went to check 2 weeks back, they were getting ticks again.
Lakshmi had adopted 2 pups from Meghna, out of which 1 was to go to her mom's house. They got attached to the pup, so kept Whiskey, and she contacted me to adopt 1 more pup. We went to check the pups with gaaiwali in Parle, as they were right age, for adoption. The gaaiwali refused to part with the pup saying that the building people have got attached and will take care. So then we went to Sion to check the other pups.
When we reached, it was a shock that 1 of the pups was killed a day before by a bicycle!!!!!!!!!
Anyways, after cleaning the ears little bit, Lakshmi n her friend took this fellow to their house and got him cleaned by a vet.
Now called shaggy, hes the haughtiest of them all! :)

28.Gauri had sent me message about some pups with a gaaiwali in Vile Parle. I went to see them and take pics and uploaded them. Manoj was in touch with me since a year, and was looking for a pup to adopt. Only after they were very sure at home, he came to see the pups with the gaaiwali. Manoj and Minu wanted to surprise their daughter Manasi, who was crazy about dogs, by getting a pup for her. They picked 1 of the pups from the lot and took it home. Manasi was surprised and joyful at having a pup at home! Since the gaaiwali fed him non veg food everyday, the pup, didnt want to eat veg food. Goofy, as they decided to call him, was very naughty and playful, and would not listen to them. They were plannig to return him back, but its been over a month now, and even they keep having ups and downs everyday, they are getting used to living with goofy
I had lost track, till yesterday, When I got a message frrom Manoj that Goofy (as he is called now) is getting sterilised this weekend. He is now 9 months old and has settled down well in the family. This just shows that if u have a pet, its a big responsibility, and u need to give time to yourself and the animal, it will not happen in a weeks time. Everyone needs to adjust to each other, like a joint family!
Sadly, I had tried to get 2 more pups adopted, but gaaiwali was more interested in money, so she refused to give the pups, and Ghanti and her pups have now come on road :( but I am happy that atleast Goofy has a family

29.Theresa had few pups in her building. There were 6 of them, but most died due to careless drivers. Only 2 were alive. Sagar from Thane, was interested in a pup. They had a dog for 6 years, and were willing to get 1 more baby home. He went next day, and adopted 1 of the pups. The baby has now settled well in the new house, and has mingled with all family members. Sagar also says that Honey has been lucky for him.

30.Sneha had called me about 2 pups which were rescued by a lady in Naigaon. These pups were being fed by the lady, but were in her building. 1 day, she saw someone hit them, so she got them home. This lady already had 7 dogs, so keeping 2 more was extremely difficult. She wanted to give them away asap, but the pups were too small. Infact, she had a dog suffering from some illness, and decided that if she is to keep the pups, she will put her dog to sleep and out of misery, or if the pups dont find a home, she will not leave them back on road, and put them to sleep! Well, that was disturbing.
Anyways, Darshan had called to adopt a pup, and he came and took the light brown one. After 2 days, the family realised that keeping a pup is a big responsibility, so they returned her. We were very worried about the pups future, as they were females! Thankfully, the lady kept them back.
Sachin had called to adopt a pup, and didnt mind a male/ female. I told him about these 2 pups, and their story. He was wlling to see 1 pup and pick it up for sure, but after speaking to Sneha, he realsied that keeping them together would be a better thing to do. Well, he went same day, and picked both the girls!
They settled down immediately at their new house (pic is of them immediately after reaching home), as they wer together. They had little milk and went to sleep on the rug. Its been a week since they got adopted, and both girls seem to have grown up also!
Phoebe died in a couple on months time due to unknown reasons. Angela, is healthy and growing up to be a big girl
Update- Angela has also passed away due to Sachin's callousness, and I hope that he gets back in full form what he did to these poor pups.

31.Amit had got in touch with me last year to adopt a pup. He had told home that hes adopting from a shelter, when he adopted 1 of Namita's pup. We came home with Lopa. Amit stays near my house, so it was not a problem to keep a check on the pup. After she came home, Lopa was not comfortable. She didnt eat anything, and I went to visit her. She was happy on seeing me, but ate only a little bit of chicken pedigree pouch that I took for her. Next day, she didnt have anything at all, and had fever also. Amit and his family was panicking, and we had to return her. Lopa was diagnosed with jaundice, and she stayed with Namita for another 3/4 months, before finally succumbing to Gastro.
Amit, wanted to adopt 1 more pup, but since his family was not very happy, I told him that he should work with animals and learn a bit before getting 1 home. He started working with a NGO and this 18 July, he called me to thank for getting Lopa in his life (I had forgotten, bu he remembered the day he got Lopa home, and also went to feed some dogs that day)
2 weeks back, his brother called me that they are ready to add a member to their family. This time, he was also supportive, and family members were also convinced of getting a new member home.
Since Malika's pups needed to get homes, or they would be left on street, they went to see the pups next day, and picked the little fellow.
Lucky, as he is called, is a fond member of the family (as u can see from the pic), and gets lot of pampering. They got new toys, bed and food for him. Lucky even visited Bittu n Xena, and is very very friendly in nature :) 1 more happy ending :)
It seems lucky loves his bed. He collects everything and takes it to his bed for saving :) He picks up cleaning rags, broom etc and carries it all to his bed :) Amit/ Piyush's siter, Khushboo, who was scared of Lopa and dogs in general, tied rakhi to her new brother, and took him in lap :) Amit's mom says, she has 4 kids now. So I think all of them are lucky to have found each other!

32.Natasha was caring for 3 pups in her office building. All of them, extremely cute and cuddly.
Sandhya's mom had called on saturday after seeing my blog. She wanted to know the details of the pups, and I gave whatever info I had. She told me she would call later, and I dismissed it as 1 of the calls which dosent materialise in adoptions (get atleast 2/3 every day, which ask for breeds and hang up).
On Ganesh Chaturthi, I got call from them and they wanted to pick pup same day. I was a little skeptical as there would be lots of traffic on road, and pup would be scared to travel, but they were ready to take pup by cab from Andheri to Colaba, but wanted to adopt same day :)
They went to see the pups in afternoon and picked up this cutie. Now called Buffy, hes settled well in the family. Its been a week since adoption, and hes already having fun in his new family

33.Another of Natasha's pups adopted last week. Ramesh had called to adopt a pup. He asked me for a honest opinion, he said he had a street dog earlier and can afford one, but wanted to know what I think honestly. I told him that I work only for our Indian cats and dogs, and love them like anything, so promote only their adoption. If hes looking for a breed, I may not be able to help. He knew that breeds need more care and attention and that Indian dogs are hardy and resilient and was ready to adopt 1. He saw pic of Natasha's pup and wanted to go and see. I got email from Natasha that night that Ramesh came with his family and adopted Deogo!!!!!!!! That was a quick adoption, I never expected :)
Though its first time his wife is handling a pup, she is learning to be a mom all over again. He got scared during visrajan, and she was with him. He loves playing with the 2 kids at home, and when they go, feels a little lonely, but hes also adjusting. 1 more happy family!!!!!!!!!

Ramesh and his family had gone to visit friends and the maid was at home. Sadly, Leo fell from small gap in window and passed away just a week after adoption.
Ramesh adopted one more pup from Natasha.

34.Girish had called to adopt a pup from Vikhroli. He already had experience of keeping a pet earlier and wanted a Indian pup. He went to see puppies with Ravi (who had litter of 4 males and 2 females). 3 male pups were sent to some farm house, and 1 was picked up by Girish. The pup is doing fine, awaiting pics

35.Yash had a lab earlier, who died. He was planning on buying a pet, when he came across my blog and decided to adopt one! Mansi was taking care of 6/7 puppies in Andheri, who were under constant danger of coming under vehicles. When Yash didnt turn up for adoption, we were a bit worried, but then he went and picked up a pup. When I called Yash for post adoption check up, he said that pup adjusted to his house immediately and has not dirtied the house. Only when they take him down, he goes pee/ potty. Yash has got a new playmate, who wont let him sit quietly! When the pup was taken to the vet, everyone there was really happy to see such a cutiepie!

36.Preethi was earleir in Banglore, and when she shifted to Bombay, she wanted to keep a dog desperately. She works from home, and misses her dogs back home. Amit, who had adopted Lucky earlier, mentioned some pups he saw outside a petshop in Vile Parle. Preethi, went after a week, and got a pup home. Marty as he is called, is the apple of her eye, and is learning to get trained very fast. This is what Preethi has wwritten in Marty's album- Marty's a street dog from the streets of Vile Parle. He doesnt belong to the elite class, his home was under a cart. His brown coat does not shine like a golden retriever's and all the labs will agree that he is no looker. But Marty says, "So what?"

37.Shweta was interested in adopting a pup, and same time, Preeti had called about some 3 pups which were in her office building. The mother was found dead when Preeti came to work after a weekend, and she was worried about the pups. Thankfully, Shweta didnt have any problems travelling to Vikhroli and went and picked up the little guy. Hes been checked by the vet and is doing just fine in his new home.

38.Nisha had called asking to adopt a small breed pup. She already had 2 mongrel females at home and her son wanted a pup, so they wanted a small sized pup. Anupam had rescued 3 pups from the road and was looking for a home for them. I asked Nisha if she would be interested in adopting a pup, and she was ok. They went to New Bombay from Andheri and adopted the little guy. Hes now called Hallo Buddy and has settled well in the new family.

39.Tejaswini had some pups in her building and she tagged me in a picture. Sheffer wanted to adopt a pup and he saw the pics of these pups and got in touch with Tejaswanini through my profile. He picked up a pup and called him Choco. Choco is extremely naughty and has travelled with the family to Goa and back.

40.Sailesh Kantak was interested in adopting a pup. After realisising that his farm house would be good for the pup, he adopted one from Malika.

41.Nilesh Sao was interested in adopting a pair of pups for his farmhouse. He had workers back there and visited there quite often. Mukta Matta had sent email about a pup who needed urgent home or should would be left. Sadly, what came of the pup, I dont know, but Nilesh picked up a couple of pups from Mukta and her mother Manisha Matta and took them to his farmhouse in Murbad. He also adopted a pair of kittens from someone else and they are all healthy and happy with the open space they get to run around.

42.Few more pups were born to the female dog Malika was looknig after. One of the pups was adopted and left back when the owner could not look after it. Out of 5 pups, only 2 survived as the rest were crushed under cars. Then Pankaj adopted one pup from her. THe pup stays in his factory with 2 other labs and workers.


  1. All these dogs are soooooooooo cute...


  3. hey charu,there are a lot of cats @ ma home. 6 adults (3 males & 3 females), 2 4mnths kittens (a male and a female, and 3 month old kittens (2 males & 1 female) @ my house. i can never part with even one of em. they are growing up along with a she dog. these 12 people are all once stray animals. u tink im contributing for them? u can catch teir pics @ ma orkut account. my profile name is 'fauna girl'

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